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Cobra Kai (Season 3)

Sign In. Cobra Kai —. Next Episode airs Episode 3. Be the first one to add a plot. Current Episode aired 24 Apr. The resulting showdown leaves one student fighting for their life. Season: 1 2 3. S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. S1, Ep2. Daniel is dismayed to find a new Cobra Kai dojo has been opened up. Johnny learns his dojo has to pass several safety requirements before he can actually start teaching.

S1, Ep3. Miguel helps Johnny advertise Cobra Kai on the web. Daniel agrees to chaperon at the Halloween dance so he can keep an eye on his daughter. S1, Ep4. Robbie is in hot water with his father. Johnny plans to shut down Cobra Kai after Miguel is injured. Samantha and Kyler's relationship hits rock bottom.

A vandalized billboard creates tension for Daniel. S1, Ep5. Cobra Kai gains its second student. Daniel has an intricate plan to get payback on Johnny.

cobra kai season 3 episode 1

Miguel defends Samantha against Kyler during lunch break. S1, Ep6. Johnny's dojo class attracts a group of misfits while his son Robby, who harbors ulterior motives, lands a new job. Samantha makes a new friend in science class. Daniel inspires interest in karate from an unlikely person. S1, Ep7. Miguel asks Samantha out. Robbie takes lessons from Daniel, just as his buddies plot a heist from LaRusso Auto. S1, Ep8. Johnny prepares his Cobra Kai students for the next All Valley Karate Tournament and in turn, he is inspired to clean up his life.

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Daniel is still unaware of his new pupil's background. S1, Ep9. Louie's reckless actions forces Johnny and Daniel to go down memory lane. The Cobra Kai students plot revenge against the popular kids.Morbi libero lectus, laoreet elementum viverra vitae, sodales sit amet nisi.

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Entertainment More. Gizmo Blaze. Sample Post Title! By Author Name. April 10, pm UTC. Sample Post Subtitle! Donec tortor ipsum Pharetra ac malesuada in, sagittis ac nibh. Fusce imperdiet, neque ut sodales dignissim, nulla dui. Nam vel tortor orci.By Janko Roettgers. Senior Silicon Valley Correspondent. Season 2 of the show will be made available for free starting on September The first episode of season 1 has garnered some 55 million views to date, and the premiere episode of season 2 hit 20 million views in just 6 days, according to the streaming service.

As part of these efforts to produce a more global slate of originals, YouTube announced 5 original European shows Thursday. A Slate of Latin American shows is scheduled to be announced in the coming months. The Google subsidiary announced last year that it was rebranding its YouTube Red subscription service as YouTube Premium, which combines ad-free video viewing with access to its YouTube Music streaming service. Premium subscribers on the other hand will have access to entire seasons to binge on.

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cobra kai season 3 episode 1

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Sign In. Cobra Kai —. Next Episode airs Episode 3. Be the first one to add a plot. Current Episode aired 24 Apr. The resulting showdown leaves one student fighting for their life. Season: 1 2 3. S2, Ep1. Error: please try again.

In the aftermath of Cobra Kai's win at the Under 18 All Valley Karate Championships, Johnny questions his dojo's philosophy and deals with a figure from his past. Daniel searches for the right way to respond to Cobra Kai's dominance. S2, Ep2. Miyagi-Do is reopened, with Robbie and Samantha as Daniels first students. Daniel and Amanda meet their quota at LaRusso Auto. Johnny lays down the law to stop his students goofing off.

S2, Ep3.

Daniel pulls out all the stops in an effort to recruit new students to Miyagi-Do Karate. Johnny reflects on some of the major relationships in his life and responds to Daniels promotional efforts with his own. S2, Ep4. Daniel struggles to teach a new student. Meanwhile, Cobra Kai students wage war on the Miyagi dojo. S2, Ep5. Daniel struggles to help a new student learn. Miguel makes a new connection, while Johnny tries to repair a relationship.

Tensions between the two dojos build to a breaking point. S2, Ep6. Johnny goes for a ride with some old friends. Kreese continues to exert his authority at Cobra Kai.

S2, Ep7. To prepare his students, Daniel gives some new training methods a shot. Miguel puts a new lesson into practice. Johnny makes a tough but pivotal decision that effects Cobra Kai. S2, Ep8. Daniel works to make amends with Amanda, while Johnny is introduced to the world of dating apps. Complications arise when Miguel, Samantha, Robby and Tory cross paths.

When Will ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3 Hit YouTube?

S2, Ep9. Johnny cautiously takes a stab at love, while Daniel and Amanda enjoy a romantic date night. An attempt to bring the students of the two dojos together backfires as hostilities between the teens escalate. S2, EpDaniel and his mother move from New Jersey to California. She has a wonderful new job, but Daniel quickly discovers that a dark haired Italian boy with a Jersey accent doesn't fit into the blond surfer crowd.

Daniel manages to talk his way out of some fights, but he is finally cornered by several who belong to the same karate school. As Daniel is passing out from the beating he sees Miyagi, the elderly gardener leaps into the fray and save him by outfighting half a dozen teenagers.

Miyagi and Daniel soon find out the real motivator behind the boys' violent attitude in the form of their karate teacher. Miyagi promises to teach Daniel karate and arranges a fight at the all-valley tournament some months off.

When his training begins, Daniel doesn't understand what he is being shown.

Episode List

Miyagi seems more interested in having Daniel paint fences and wax cars than teaching him Karate. Picks up where the first movie Karate Kid leaves off. Miyagi and Daniel take a trip to Okinawa to visit Mr Miyagi's dying father. After arriving Mr Miyagi finds he still has feelings for an old love.

This stirs up trouble with an old rival that he originally left Okinawa to avoid. In the mean time Daniel encounters a new love and also makes some enemies. John Kreese, his life in tatters after his karate school was defeated by Daniel and Miyagi, visits Terry Silver, a Vietnam War comrade.

Terry is a ruthless businessman and martial arts expert, and he vows to help Kreese gain revenge on Daniel and Miyagi, and reestablish Cobra Kai. Upon returning from Okinawa, Daniel and Miyagi discover that their apartment building has been demolished, which brings Miyagi out of work. Going against Miyagi's wishes, Daniel uses his college funds to realize Miyagi's dream of opening a bonsai tree shop, and becomes a partner in the bonsai business.

Miyagi meets the widow of his commanding officer. He gets to know her granddaughter Julie, an angry teenager who is still feeling the pain of losing both her parents in an accident and is having problems with her grandmother and her fellow pupils.

Miyagi decides to teach her karate to get her through her pain and issues and back on the right path. The Karate Kid saga continues. Rivalries never die, even thirty years later.

But so is his old nemesis Johnny. The rivalry continues thirty years later. The anticipation for Cobra Kai is high.When will Cobra Kai season 3 be released and what can fans expect? Meanwhile, Johnny's estranged son Robby Tanner Buchanan not only became Daniel's student, but he also came to live with Daniel and started dating Sam, forming a love triangle with Miguel, who is Sam's ex-boyfriend. The conclusion of Cobra Kai season 2 saw tragedy strike both dojos and Johnny's career as a sensei was completely upended.

Daniel didn't exactly come out of things looking great either. With the story primed to continue, here's everything we know thus far about Cobra Kai season 3. Cobra Kai has been renewed for season 3, which will arrive inand stream for free with ads.

cobra kai season 3 episode 1

Now that the renewal has happened, fans can likely expect Cobra Kai season 3 to premiere in the spring of Cobra Kai season 2 began shooting in September and wrapped two months later; this production schedule has proven to be successful, so a new season of Cobra Kai each spring could become a tradition fans can now look forward to. Furthermore, series co-creator Jon Hurwitz revealed on social media that they've begun writing Cobra Kai season 3, so there's no reason to assume the new season won't follow the same schedule.

Besides stars and executive producers Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, all of the actors of Cobra Kai season 2 are expected to return for a third season, and that includes Martin Kove as well. Whether or not Elisabeth Shue will reprise her role remains to be seen, but Ali has been repeatedly referenced throughout both seasons of Cobra Kai and Johnny admitted he has "never gotten over her".

Where her return might leave Daniel's marriage to Amanda is anyone's guess. In Cobra Kai season 2, tensions between the students of the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do dojos finally exploded into all-out war.

The chaos was unlike anything that fans have seen in The Karate Kid movies and had devastating consequences. Daniel and Johnny both realized their epic failures as senseis; Daniel's wife Amanda laid down the law that there would be "no more karate" in their lives. Meanwhile, Kreese betrayed Johnny and changed the course of the Cobra Kai dojo. A clue for where the series can go next was offered by Robby to Johnny in the season 2 finale, that he and Daniel "could learn a lot from each other.

One thing that's confirmed is that Daniel will head to Okinawa, Mr. Miyagi's hometown, and a place they traveled to together in The Karate Kid Part 2. Additionally, it's been teased that more will be revealed about the origins of both Miyagi's and Cobra Kai's martial arts philosophies, which ties directly to Daniel's Okinawa excursion.

While YouTube did make the first two seasons of Cobra Kai available to stream for free for a time, that's no longer the case. However, those interested can still stream the first two episodes of season 1 and the season 2 premiere for free currently. New subscribers can take advantage of a one-month free trial though. John has been writing about what he likes - movies, TV, comics, etc. He's worked in movies and rubbed shoulders with big names but somehow forgot to ask for money a lot of the time - hence, he is happy to be with Screen Rant.

Last updated : February 14, When will Cobra Kai season 3 be released and what can fans expect?