Warnings: Maybe swearing…? Readers Age: goes up to 14 I think… Word Count: Being the youngest by a long shot out of all the Avengers was tough. Your parents were taken by Hydra agents, your mother was pregnant with you when it all happened.

She gave birth to you a month after being taken. Unfortunately, the Hydra agents took that opportunity and took you. They experimented on you, just when you were a baby.

It took them a whole month of experimenting until they were finally satisfied. You only got to see your family a few times a day, mostly to be fed. You had a brother, Matt, he was seven.

Once they gave you back to your family, you had them taken away around the time when you switched to solid foods. They took your parents and left you with your brother, who swore to protect you. That is until you turned four, Matt was now eleven, Hydra agents stormed into your cell and took Matt away from you. You heard a lot of gunshots and screaming, you hid in the corner, squeezing your stuffed duck. Tears were streaming down your face.

Everything went quiet, you heard no screaming, no gunshots, but you did hear footsteps. You saw a shadow appear from the crack of the door.

avengers x injured reader

All of a sudden, the door flew open to reveal a long haired man in all black, a mask covering the bottom half of his face, and a metal arm. You stared at him, he stepped aside and let a man in red, white, and blue in.

avengers x injured reader

The colorful man walked towards you slowly, leaving a few feet in between you both. You looked behind him and saw that the man with the metal arm took off his mask as well, he gave you a faint smile.

You got up slowly, you stared at the Captain for a moment before running into his arms. Captain America swooped you up, he grabbed his shield and headed out of the cell, you closed your eyes and tightened your grip around his neck. Soon enough, you were outside. They let you look out a window occasionally, but only for a moment before stuffing you back into your cell.Originally posted by totheendofthelinepal. When they come back to headquarters she picks a fight with him leading to an actual fight.

Just that display makes everyone near the group go the opposite way. James Rhodes sends his best friend a knowing look before shrugging and continuing to walk beside him. Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton are walking behind Tony and James with bored expressions as if they been through this argument with each other before.

Wanda Maximoff and Vision walk beside the assassins like they wanted nothing but leave the scene in front of them. Sam Wilson then sends Steve Rogers a glance silently telling him that maybe they should intervene but Steve just watches them like this is a casual conversation. All three look innocently confused on what is going on here. The whole team is decked out in their now dirty suits and used weapons. She knows the group secretly thinks something is going on between the two them.

Well, everyone realized that besides Bucky. It was close to when Bruce gets scary kind of mad and turns into Hulk. So out of a force of habit, the whole team stills and watches them with their weapons at the ready. In anger, she then takes a handful of small knives and chuckles them harshly near Bucky. He looks at her bored only making her impossibly more furious.

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Since she was born she was trained to survive anything and to do anything. Her whole life was about surviving any situation. She never got a day off her whole life until last year when Nick found her and gave her an offer to be a part of the Avengers.

When she tries to use her free hand he grabs that one too before she can do any damage to him.

avengers x injured reader

He spins her slickly around so her entire back is against his built chest.Your timer says otherwise. On the day your timer is supposed to go off, Spider-Man shows up at your window. I wrote this a bit ago and finally got the courage to post it.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Originally posted by hardyness. You always wondered if your timer worked. They always found their soulmate and was content, at least to your knowledge. But your experience was different. You were absolutely certain the sweet, dorky, science-loving, cute nerd that was your best friend was it. He understood you, helped you out, comforted you, and most importantly, in your opinion helped you out with homework. Of course, with this thinking, you obviously had a huge crush on him. Today was the day your timer was supposed to go off.

As soon as you get home, you forget about homework and go straight to pictures of him, hoping that would work. Suddenly, a knock on your window diverts your attention. You turn around, only to see an actual person and not a bird or anything one would expect. And not any person, but a superhero. Maybe if you did this fast enough, you could still look at pictures of Peter, you reason.

Deciding it would be best to actually help him out, you ask him about his mask. I understand if you want t-to keep your identity a secret. Sooner or later? You personally know Spider-Man? No freaking way!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Loki Laufeyson x Reader 7.

Steve Rogers x Reader pt. If you want an imagine for a character that's not tagged yet, please leave a comment and I'll write it! Five years ago, you were snapped and taken away from the love of your life, turned into dust. Who are you reunited with? Endgame is simultaneously ruining my life and giving me life so I've been non-stop writing or thinking about writing fics.

I hope you enjoy the result of my emotional breakdowns. See the end of the work for more notes. They all shrug and shake their heads in confusion. He should be here. The thought crossed your mind. Did he stay in his old time after returning the stones? Bucky comes over to you and lets you bury your head in his shoulder. Tears run down your face. You had just come back from the snap and you already lost him again.

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Had you done something wrong? Did he forget about you in those five years you were gone? You see a figure in the shadows of the trees, walking towards you. He sees you and sprints to your side.

You smile, melting in his embrace and feeling happy for the first time since the depressing aftermath of the battle. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. Comments: 23 Kudos: Bookmarks: 23 Hits: Notes: Endgame is simultaneously ruining my life and giving me life so I've been non-stop writing or thinking about writing fics.Your eyes flew open, the light of the room immediately burning them and forcing you to close them again. How had you slept with that bright of a light on? For a few painful seconds, you watched the light dance and fade before you eyes.

You slowly sat up, unable to even process where you were or how you got there. Your head was dizzy and your entire body ached. The dull pain that throbbed on the back of your head refused to give you peace as you tried your best to look around the room for some kind of answers. You made a motion to move your hands and that was when you came to the horrible realization that they were tied together.

Your entire body went cold as broken memories of being kidnapped came back to you. The floor creaked and your attention was stolen as a man entered the room. They appeared human so you breathed a little easier. One of them approached you, moving to kneel in front of you. His eyes looked you over and just narrowed your eyes at him.

The same place that Loki had called home once. Your eyes widened as you heard his voice. Disappearing and the re-appearing, until they were all dealt with. You had to remind yourself to not underestimate him in the future. Your heart ached as he stepped towards you. His black and green coat following out behind him as he did. You were worried that he would scold you for getting kidnapped by these men but he never did. You found yourself staring at his face as he focused on the small cuts and bruises on the exposed parts of your skin.

You smiled and reached up to touch his face, now that your hands were free. And besides all that, you came to save me. He pushed the hair from your face as hooked a piece behind your ear. Requests are Open! Masterlist To-do List. What did they want with you? What if you never got to see him again? Tags lokiloki of asgardloki fanfictionloki x readerrequestreader insertreader imagineimagineavengersthor .Request: Can I request one where Bruce Banner has a daughter he kept hidden but then has to bring her to the tower cause her mom and step dad kicked her out?

Tony knew about her and she looked to him like an uncle. She feels unwanted and unloved but it all changes with her new family with the team. She sat waiting on the steps leading up the the front porch of her house, her overpacked duffel bag by her side and her phone clutched in her hands.

It was mid dusk and the sun was setting in the distance, the sky turning darker for every minute passing. She had been kicked out by her own mother and her new husband. Her mom treated her like crap. She went freely to a biochemical science class long after school was over simply because she loved the subject. Her room was covered with a dozen of projects made from scrap material she had scoured the city for.

She filled entire notebooks up with difficult equations simply for the joy being able to solve them so effortlessly. It hurt, more than her mother would ever understand, to be treated like a misfit in her own home. His small car rolled up to he street before her house and she rose to her feet, bringing the duffel bag up with her. She made her way up to the car and watched as the door opened up and Bruce got out, smiling nervously.

His heart ached by her simple confession. Her mom had found a new guy who owned a private island in the Bahamas. The second the two of them met, her mom was gone. All he had ever wanted was to be around his daughter but her mother had prevented him from doing it, and he had always been submissive.

He agreed if anything, but he loved his daughter too much to deny her to live with him when her mother practically gave her no other choice. It stood eerily empty from her mom packing her things and just waking out the door.

Few memories from that home were truly happy once and the ones that were involved Bruce in one way or another. He huffed, putting her bag carefully in the trunk of the car. Her heart skipped a beat at that simple word. Home she had never considered to be the small house in northern Queens. If anything, home had been in school. That was the only place she had felt like she could be herself and where others accepted her for just that.

At home, she felt out of place and abnormal and was judged for her hobbies and interests as well as her pure skills both in the scientific and technical field. Coming to a place where people shared her interests and where she would hopefully be accepted sounded like heaven.

They got into the car and Bruce started the engine, slowly driving out on the street and starting their drive back to the Tower. She looked up at the rear view mirror, seeing her childhood house become smaller and smaller before disappearing behind the nearby homes. It was the burden of her mother, the constant suppression of who she was. It was all lifted off her back and stayed behind with the Murray Hill house. She was preparing for the worst as he found herself doing more often than not.

She gasped before letting out a short groan of disapproval. No, why? He just wanted her to have what she deserved, which was the entire world if he had a say in it.Fire had always been your element; you had the power to control and create it and at first, it was amazing - you thought it was really cool.

That was until one day Valkyrie had left you with Loki, a new guy on Sakaar, whilst she dealt with his brother. And that was a bad decision. A very bad decision. You went to move closer to him but the palm of his hand collided with your head and suddenly, you were reminded of your past that you never, ever wanted to see again. There you stood with your mother, trying to protect her from the intruders that had come into your house. You did you best and used your powers as much as you could but in the process of killing the intruders, you had lost control and hit your mother in the chest; after you had demolished the group of men, you saw your damage.

You could remember the ear piercing scream you let out as your realised what you had done. Suddenly, you were back into reality and Loki stood in front of you, looking hurt and somewhat sorry for you. You scrambled away from him, staying as far away from him as you could; he watched as you did so, watching the horror and pain in your eyes, watching the tear droplets race down your face.

Loki was cut off by the heart-wrenching sob that left your mouth. He felt so bad, so so bad; and that was unusual for Loki but something about you was different. He felt different towards you compared to how he felt to other people but it was a good different - he liked you, he really liked you. The two of you sat in silence for minutes on end, neither of you talking, just small sobs or sniffs coming from you. You kept quiet and looked down at your hands that sat in your lap, wiping the odd stray tear that escaped your eye.

Letting out a slow and painful sigh, you leant your head back on the wall behind you and closed your eyes, trying to calm yourself a little. With your eyes still closed, Loki grabbed your hand softly and held it, stroking the back of it slowly in a comforting manner.

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Loki watched as you moved closer to him and leant you head on his shoulder, your hand still intertwined with his. The god of mischief rested his head upon yours gently, hoping that he could somehow ease the pain you had and comfort you.

Keep reading. It took a lot of convincing, from you, to get Loki to watch just one film with you. Posts Send a request! Masterlist Archive. Anonymous asked: Would you accept head-canon requests instead of a story request? Merry Christmas!!